Rethinking Madness: Psychosis and Spiritual Awakening

Rethinking Madness: Psychosis and Spiritual Awakening

The CRAZYWISE team would like to send out a huge thanks to all that were able to join our conversation, Rethinking Madness: Psychosis and Spiritual Awakening!  With people joining from as far away as the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and of course all of you in North America we were completely blown away by your enthusiasm to help change the current paradigm.

Featuring Dabney Alix of Shades of Awakening and panelists Gabor Mate, Robert Whitaker, Will Hall, Ekhaya Esima and CRAZYWISE director Phil Borges came together online to discuss how we can bring change to the current paradigm that governs the diagnosis and treatment of severe mental emotional distress.

Our hope is to get this film into as many communities as possible where these changes are needed most.  If you’re interested in hosting a community screening, please visit our Community Screenings page.


  1. Jenny Allen 10 months ago

    I’m very excited for the upcoming release of the documentary CRAZYWISE (awaiting the DVD release). I was not aware of the this great work until today (through my subscription to that did an article on on Phil). Thank-you in advance for what will be a catalyst to shfit us in this healing direction.

    • Author
      Phil Borges 10 months ago

      Thank you Jenny! We are excited too! Hopefully the DVD will be available in a month or two. You can reserve a copy on our website. We’ll notify you as soon as it’s available. Thanks again!

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