• "It was such a remarkable journey to experience! Your film resonated with me in so many ways and on so many levels! I want to express my deep appreciation, gratitude, and congratulation to everyone who was involved and assisted in bringing this film to fruition. I found the presentation of the film to be profoundly moving, eye opening, so compassionate, so positive, so hopeful!
    What an important message for our world, especially at the this time.  I left the theatre feeling uplifted, joyful, and inspired!"   Mary Makins
  • “I applaud those of you who worked on this film for bringing such a crucial and mind-expanding perspective to the realm of mental health. By its very nature, this documentary strikes at the heart of our culture's self-destructive propensity to stigmatize and condemn people that simply need acceptance, support, and guidance to find a path to wellness and purpose. The film's emphasis on Peer Mentoring and Peer Support as an essential component to helping people through crisis made me enormously grateful.”  Matthew Lee Morgan  Chair of the Board of NAMI Chelan-Douglas
  • "As a community activist working every day for transformation in our community's approach to mental health I can honestly say that CRAZYWISE is the perfect tool to create change in your community. We played it and magic started happening. It should be played in every community in the world." Marc Winn, Co-Founder of The Dandelion Project, Guernsey, British Channel Islands
  • “I am a professor at Dominican University of California teaching mental health Occupational Therapy. I would love our students to see your film and have it be part of our curriculum!  It is the only film I have seen in mental health that really captures so many themes and meaning that I have been trying to portray in my class.” Dr. Karen McCarthy, OTD, OTR/L Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA
  • “Phil Borges' and Kevin Tomlinson's new documentary CRAZYWISE is a game changer. It's going to be an important step forward in starting the long overdue conversation on how we define and treat mental illness in America.” Rick Steves, Travel Writer & PBS TV, NPR Radio Host
  • "I happened to come across the trailer for the ‘CrazyWise’ film.  WATCHING THAT CLIP CHANGED MY LIFE. To the directors of this film – you helped change my life.  Adam as well – you helped change my life. When I saw that people with mental illnesses were accepted in other cultures and treated as if they have gifts rather than being rejected and told something was wrong with them, I had an amazing epiphany…there was nothing wrong with me at all.  I was special an unique, and had gifts.  I cried for a long time when I saw that trailer.  It helped launch me into an incredible journey of the path to wellness and healing. I felt such a connection with Adam when I was watching him, and I really would like him to know that he can be great and awesome if he believes he is. And if someone could please tell the film directors that seeing the original trailer for the film changed my life.  They are doing amazing work, and I am sure I am not the only person with bipolar disease who will see that and cry when they realize that they are special too. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul for your great work."   Jennifer Zmurchyk   Alberta, Canada
  • “I can hardly describe the effect that this incredibly powerful and profound documentary had on me. I cried at the end. It touched my soul and moved me beyond words. I felt connected to the reality of the folks in it. I have always felt a spiritual dimension to having voices and seeing visions.” Joanne Newman
  • "This afternoon I sat down to watch Crazywise. I can hardly describe the effect that this incredibly powerful and profound documentary had on me. I'm finding it hard to explain how much this movie meant to me. I cried at the end it touched my soul and moved me beyond words. Joanne Newman
  • "The doc reminds me of what's wrong with our university psychology programs today...they're so caught up with teaching and technique instead of emphasizing relationships…" Doug Crandall Community Psychiatric Clinic, CEO
  • "If I had seen Crazywise or heard it's transformative message 25 years ago I may not have felt condemned to a life of suffering when I was given a psychiatric diagnosis.  Instead, I may have felt a sense of hope that I could find an accepting community that would help me grow and find meaning in my experiences." Kathleen Murphy Community Psychiatric Clinic, counselor