Henry Marshall: Spiritual Dimension is Essential

Henry Marshall: Spiritual Dimension is Essential

Henry Marshall, PhD is a psychologist, therapist, counselor, and coach. He hails from Louisiana, earning his doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Tennessee (1976), practiced and taught in Houston, Texas for over a decade, and has had a private practice in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the past twenty-five years. He belongs to the American Psychological Association, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, and the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists.


Henry empowers clients to awaken their potential for healing and personal development by focusing on their strengths. He feels that it is essential to include a spiritual dimension in treatment, as well as to work with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects. He tailors sessions to suit the individual using everything from Western evidence-based methods to Eastern healing techniques. The guiding principle for his work is Tri-Energetics, a love-based psychological system pioneered by his life partner Rickie Moore, PhD that engages the whole person to integrate the body, mind, and spirit.

Henry’s passion is leading groups in chanting mantras. He’s produced seven mantra CDs recorded with the Playshop Family musicians which continue to open hearts and calm minds all around the world. He’s delighted to help people sing out these powerful vibrations and go deep into meditative stillness or expressive free dance.

As Henry puts it: “In almost forty years as a clinical psychologist and close to fifty years as a spiritual seeker, I have seen mantras transform and heal many emotional and psychosomatic disorders. Personally, I feel that I owe my joyous spiritual partnership, stable finances, rewarding life’s work, and inner peace to their transformative power. In my experience mantras are a portal to spirit – to the deepest, clearest expression of what we truly are.”

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  1. Traci 3 years ago

    What a wonderful approach to mental illness. There is so much room in this society for such an enlightened view of how we treat our mentally ill people or even those who are struggling through life’s challenges. This is hopeful information, and I’d like to think more of this pioneering study will be done to enhance the treatment options to those who’d rather not just swallow down a cocktail of pharmaceuticals in order to be able to function. Bravo.

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