Rickie Moore: Counseling with Connection in Amsterdam

Rickie Moore: Counseling with Connection in Amsterdam

Rickie Moore grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology from Fielding Graduate University in 1981.

She studied with Alexander Lowen (developer of bioenergetic analysis), Alberto Villoldo, Stanley Krippner, many leading therapists in the US, and several shamans in Peru. Rickie had a counseling practice and was on staff as a psychologist in an alcohol/drug rehab hospital in Houston, Texas for three years. Her progressive program produced the lowest recidivism rates among alcoholics in Texas. Then a new administrator decided Rickie could no longer offer yoga or hug her patients. Rickie relocated to Europe in the mid-1980s, to offer her myriad of therapeutic interventions integrated with Kundalini Yoga, chanting, and shamanism. These therapeutic workshops (Playshops) and Tri-Energetic Trainings were popular with the public and well respected by the medical and psychological community.


Now living in Amsterdam, she and her husband Henry Marshall (PhD in Clinical Psychology) both maintain private practices, lead groups, and conduct trainings.

Rickie has led Playshops: intense therapeutic (and playful) groups for adults throughout Europe for over thirty years. In the Playshops and her trainings Rickie utilizes Tri-Energetics, a system she developed for helping people to know what they need, say what they want, and have clear intentions. Tri-Energetics is a love-based psychological system that works to engage the whole person to integrate the body, mind, and spirit. Because it emphasizes the need for flexibility, compassion, and curiosity, it is a recipe for a lifestyle and a road to Awakening.

In Europe, Rickie finds herself working with people – clients, patients, and participants in her Playshops – who enjoy a higher quality of life than their American counterparts. They are basically less stressed, less depressed, and more satisfied. They get at least one month paid vacation, guaranteed social security, and have a flexible work week. They have more time and more motivation for personal growth. Europeans are fundamentally more open-minded, tolerant, and less fearful of connection and touch.


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